About Us


The Matrix Mission:

Vince Lombardi, football coach said it best,

“Winning isn’t everything, but wanting to win is.”

At Matrix, our mission is to produce winners.  Being a winner, doesn’t mean your team is undefeated;  It is taking a group of ordinary girls, and transforming them into something extraordinary.  They will find their true potential by being pushed to the limits, and feeling they are the best player they can be.  “We don’t know who we are until we see what we can do,” -Martha Grimes.  One of our main goals is to build our players self-esteem, which carries them through life, and is a tool they can rely on.

Remember…”It is not bragging, if you can do it”- Dizzy Dean, Baseball Player



Matrix Philosophy

Shape young athletes through the game of volleyball. We want each player to learn. “It’s not about you!”  Volleyball is a game of “service.” To “Serve” your teammates. Put the team above your self-interest. It is our goal to not be their last volleyball coach. When we hand your daughter to the next coach they will know the fundamentals of the game, understand the language of the game, know how to work hard, be able to cope with adversity, handle tough situations with character, and leadership. We achieve these things using this simple approach.

Effort, Attitude, and Focus (EAF) through discipline. Like a three legged stool, success comes with all three. Before you can develop these we must have great discipline.

Effort: Comes down to hustle, pushing through, battling your emotion to give effort to the team.

Attitude: Avoiding bad attitude, keeping a positive attitude. This is a direct link to being a good leader.

Focus: Paying attention, understanding your responsibilities, and executing your role to the best of your ability.


All About Matrix

What to expect from playing for Matrix Club Volleyball:

Every player is unique and will have a different experience within the club. these are some of the major benefits of the club.

Quality coaches and Instruction: This is by far what sets us a part! Our coaches are highly skilled, and a majority are former collegiate players, high school and junior high coaches.

Extended Training Schedule: High school programs are restricted to a few  of practice followed by an intensive match schedule, good technical instruction is hard to obtain during school. Our December to June training and competition phase allows ample time to work on techniques so players may improve their skill set.

Increased Discipline: the time commitment required to be on a club team requires that players improve study habit, and learn/exercise how to prioritize their team and build time management skills. It is vital that players have disciplined work habits on and off the court.

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