World’s Finest Chocolate Fundraiser!


Hurry & reserve your boxes of the
super popular
$1 Chocolate Bars!

Click to Reserve Your Boxes

I’m not aware of any schools currently doing this fundraiser so selling these at your school, upcoming tournaments or work will be EASY!

Please sign up to purchase a 60-ct box of the famous chocolate candy bars that includes the following flavors:

  • 18 – Caramel Bars, 1.30 oz.
  • 12 – Milk Chocolate with Almonds Bars, 1.30 oz.
  • 12 – W.F. Crisp® Bars, 1.15 oz.
  • 12 – Milk Chocolate Bars, 1.30 oz.
  • 6 – Dark Chocolate Bars, 1.30 oz.


  • If we get orders for less than 50 boxes then you will pay $36 per box for a 40% profit of $24
  • If we get orders for more than 50 boxes then you will pay $30 per box for a 50% profit of $30

NOTE: By signing up, you are agreeing to purchase a box for $36. I am not collecting money until 2/1 so we have time to understand if we will have an order for more than 50 boxes which means you’ll end up only paying $30/box.


If we get orders for >100 boxes we will get 15 boxes for FREE!

The free boxes will be raffled off and you will get one raffle ticket entered in the drawing for every box you purchased. For example, if you ordered 5 boxes, you will have 5 entries in the raffle. The drawing for the raffle will be on February 13th (pick-up day).


  • NOW – Start reserving your boxes!
  • February 1st (Wednesday) – Orders will close, the cost of boxes will be determined & you will be notified if you need to pay $36 or $30 for each box
  • February 6th (Monday) – Money is due & orders will be placed that evening
  • February 13th (Monday) – Pick up your boxes at Trinity from 7pm – 9:30pm

Collection of Money

  • Monica will be at Trinity on 2/1, 2/6 and 2/8 from 7pm – 9:30pm to collect your money
  • Money must be Cash or Check payable to Matrix

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