Black Shirt Academy

Black Shirt Academy Registration Form: flight-school-mac


MAC has developed a program called the Black Shirt Academy to help develop our
athletes’ outside of their normal practices. We have broken the program down into
two separate parts to customize the needs of our athletes.

The Black Shirt Academy was developed to improve the athlete’s volleyball skills by
receiving additional training from elite players and coaches. Athletes will have the
opportunity to work on all skills focusing on one skill every Friday for an hour.
Schedule will be broken down so athletes can become a more well-rounded player.
Example if you are a middle you will have the opportunity to train like a libero once
a month to improve your passing and defensive skills. Video Analysis will also be
available to help coach and improve athletes.


Black Shirt Academy is also offering Flight School which is a 4 month long intense
jump training program geared for all explosive sport athletes. Sessions will be
focusing on vertical, endurance and technique jumping. The program will be two
days a week for 1 hour. Flight School includes the following:

hit-hard2 days a week for 1-hour intense training

• Tuesday, Thursday 6:30-7:30 pm or,
• Tuesday, Thursday 7:30-8:30 pm

Under Armour Flight School Shirt
Evaluation & Progress worksheet

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