16’s Head Coach: Kendra Ritter

Kendra Ritter

16’s Head Coach

We are just ecstatic that Coach Kendra will be heading up the 16’s National team this year.  She has assembled a great support staff.  She is also very excited and has a personal vested interest in this team.  She has a very extensive coaching resume from younger developmental players, high school, and open level teams.  She has been a big part of developing Matrix’s top players.  Coach Kendra played all 4 years of high school on the varsity team, and was recruited to play college volleyball.  Coach Kendra has been coaching with Matrix 6 years, and has been the club manager for 3 years.  She brings a passion that is contagious to players.

Coach Kendra and Coach Brandon have developed our coaches training program and team development plan.  This program starts with the basic mechanics taught at the early level that can be further expanded upon as the player grows.  Her defensive strategies and knowledge are a staple to the program.  Players that are coachable always flourish under Coach Kendra’s programs.