13’s Head Coach: Brandon Sparks

Brandon Sparks| brandonsparksfamily@gmail.com | 623-640-4301

13’s National Head Coach/Matrix Coaching Commissioner

Coach Brandon is an elite coach building from the fundamentals to complex plays. Brandon is a born coach, and coaches a championship football team in the off-season. Coach Brandon has been with Matrix 7 years and has produced winning teams each season. Coach Brandon comes from an extensive athletic background, from high school to college. He understands the commitment and dedication it takes to get to the next level. Coach Brandon has committed hours above and beyond practice to produce top athletes. Coach Brandon understands the strategy behind volleyball and translates it to the players.

As Coaching Commissioner, Coach Brandon manages the coaches training program which is an integrated part of Matrix.  Coach Brandon assures that each team is progressing as expected, and works with our coaches to continually grow and advance.  Coach Brandon is vital to the Matrix program and we are grateful he is part of our program.